Of Climbing Heaven and
Gazing on the Earth

Stillness Flows Ever Changing

Into All the Valleys
Evening Journeys

The Nothingness That is
the Source of Everything
In the Pali language of the early Buddhist texts, vipassana means "to see things as they really are". Vipassana is an epic collection of four compositions totaling about 60 minutes that together hope to "stimulate the mind and refresh the spirit". Featuring 25 instrumentalists and singers, the final composition also features Denise Levertov's beautiful poem Variation and Reflection on a Theme by Rilke.

The recording features the wonderful musical talents of: Ben Kono, Dan Willis, Ed Xiques, Dave Smith, Deborah Weisz, Tom Beckham, Mike Pinto, Amanda Monaco, Sebastian Noelle, Deanna Witkowski, Brenda Earle, Peter Wise, Luke Notary, Charenee Wade, Amy Cervini, Sofia Koutsovitis, Julie Hardy, Monika Heidemann, Ana Milosavljevic, Skye Steele, Orlando Wells, Joshua Davidowitz, Jody Redhage, Lauren Riley-Rigby, Thomson Kneeland.

To Kyoto

Lost in the Stars

A Tear of the Clouds




The Polar Express
Featuring: Sarah Bernstein, Tom Christensen, David Grunberg, Ben Kono, Michael Laven, Victoria Leavitt, Nick Mancini, Roberta Piket, Dave Smith, Deborah Weisz, Nicci Welch, Noriko Ueda, Jon Uman, Ed Xiques
All compositions and arrangements by Joseph C. Phillips Jr.; © 2003 Numen Music/BMI All Rights Reserved; except Adrian (by Jewel Kilcher and Steve Poltz-Wiggle Tooth Music/BMI and Polio Boy Music/BMI). Performance and recording © 2003 Joseph C. Phillips Jr. All Rights Reserved.

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